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Pantanal Matogrossense National Park (MT)
Credit: Giovanna Colombi CC BY-SA 3.0


We produce and disseminate knowledge to help park management teams and other park actors to face their current challenges, even those from the pandemic.

We believe that more people will engage in the conservation of green areas if more knowledge is disseminated about them in society. Likewise, we believe that all the knowledge produced contributes to creating new sustainable development initiatives for green spaces and improving their services to people and access to them.


Since 2020, we have held a series of webinars to promote inspiring talks on parks, health and society among the most diverse audiences involved or interested in this agenda. We call them, SemeiaLive.

We brought together specialists from different areas who addressed topics over how parks benefit health and quality of life and the public use of these areas, just to name a few.


Held since 2012, the agenda of this summit is the management and future of parks. Members of civil society, the public sector and the private sector unite to discuss how to secure the conservation of our parks and how to stimulate development and create opportunities for Brazil.

This is the only Brazilian event exclusively aimed at promoting a discussion forum on the management of Brazilian parks. Each edition approaches the theme as an overarching topic to engage actors from the most varied segments of activity in the park universe.

You can access earlier editions below:


Supporting the development of professionals linked to public management and conservation units is part of Semeia’s work. The institute has offered scholarships to Colorado State University since 2011, which is a reference in training management for protected areas.

We have already supported students in studying the courses on “Cutting Management in Protected Areas”, “Planning and Managing Tourism in Protected Areas” and the “International Mobile Seminar on Tourism and Protected Areas”. The target audience includes professionals interested in partnerships with the public and in managing protected areas for public use.

Thus, Semeia forms a network of people who contribute to bringing an innovative approach to parks and protected areas in Brazil and the learning that comes from exchanging experiences with colleagues from different countries. CU managers have already participated in the scholarship program, as have professionals from the public sector, the private sector and academia.

Check out what happened in earlier editions:

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