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Imagem: Parque Nacional da Chapada dos Veadeiros / Crédito: Carol Da Riva

Our reason for being arises from the need to contribute public service improvements to society, showing the country development solutions that do not endanger the quality of life of the next generations.

The answer we found to make that happen was to foster partnerships that would pave the way for the public sector, private enterprise, and civil society to join efforts. Our performance is very specific: we work with federal, state or municipal governments to support initiatives aimed at innovating management models of natural and urban parks so that society can enjoy parks that are well structured to receive visitors.

Semeia believes that these areas can be a source of wealth for the country, contributing to opportunities for leisure time, employment, income, and well-being of the population. The building of partnerships to provide new resources and tools for the management of these areas can help make this potential a reality, ensuring the provision of a quality public service.

We also see in our work a way to raise awareness about the importance of parks. The more people can visit these areas, or understand their relevance in their own lives, the more these spaces will be valued and, consequently, preserved.

A bold aspiration. Planned in the present to make it possible for people in the future to access a heritage that is essential to life and, therefore, needs to be well cared for.